Speed Up Laptop - How to Speed Up Laptop Easily

After using your laptop for a few months you will notice that your laptop slows down. Many people will then think to spend money to upgrade it or to reinstall their operating system. I was in this situation too before and I searched for a better way to fix it. After researching and gathering information, I found three steps that really work to prevent slowdown and even speed up laptop. These three steps are so easy that everyone could actually do it if they knew them. You will know exactly how to speed up your laptop after reading this article.

First Step to Speed up your Laptop - Defrag Your System

Imagine your hard drive as a folder with many papers inside with different colors. Each type of color represents one program. When you try to read about one program you will look for one color only. Imagine how hard it is to read about one program when the papers are randomly spread and how much of your precious time u will waste. When you defrag your computer will rearrange the papers and put each color together. Defragmenting your hard drive can speed up your laptop significantly. Do it and see the difference yourself. Then do number two.

Second Step to Speed up your Laptop - Eliminate Unnecessary Startup Programs

Some programs will start automatically when you start up your laptop. It means you will receive delay when you turn on your laptop for each program that starts automatically. Even after they finish starting up these programs will run in background, consuming your laptop memory. This is why your laptop runs sluggishly. Eliminate all except for necessary programs on start up and feel the difference.

Third Step to Speed up your Laptop - Fix Your Registry Errors

The third and the most important step to speed up your laptop is to clean your registry from errors. When you download any file or remove them, when you install or remove program, and when you install your hardware or remove them. Your registry keeps a record and it becomes redundant. It may also become broken. This is why your computer is becoming slower and slower. You might also get some error reports on your laptop. All of this slows down your laptop significantly and it will get worse.

After doing these three steps to speed up your laptop your laptop will be much faster. It is like buying a new laptop. You also do not need to reinstall your windows or anything and registry cleaner will perform the clean up regularly for you. You have a fantastic laptop without any hard work. 

By: Johny

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